Design your own Cheer Bow!

 Create your own cheer bow style!
Choose your Cheer Bow Style
Triple Ribbon Bow
Double Ribbon Bow
Cheer Basic Bow
Streamer Bow
Pony Tail Bows
Pinwheel Bows
Choose your Fabric Colors and Layers
Choose your add ons, choose your bow length and place your order!
All custom orders take 2 weeks with satisfaction gauranteed!
Planning ahead on your Cheer Bow order is recommended.  Verified teams and coaches can receive a free sample cheer bow to ensure your colors and prints match your uniform. 
Create your own team bow.  Click Here!


Makeup Shopping Tips to keep you Germ Free

If you are planning on makeup shopping for cheer makeup in the near future, here are some tips to keep yourself germ free.  Sharing makeup is not a good practice.  It can lead to pink eye or pimples.  We all have walked up to the test samples in the store and been tempted to try on a little of that great shimmery mineral eye shadow.  It’s a proven fact, they contain bacteria!
To keep yourself germ free use a cotton swab and brush some on the back of your hand or above the brow.  Stay away from your eyelids.  You can still have a good idea of how the color will look.  The application can be the same with foundation, and blush. 
Lipsticks and lip liners are always a little more challenging.  If you really need to see the lip color on your lips, make sure you have used a tissue and wiped the first layer of product off before you apply it. 

When your trying lotions, only apply lotions from a pump dispenser or tube.  You will never have to worry these products have been exposed to handling or contamination. 

Keep safe and happy shopping!