DIY – Glittery Flip Flops

We love do it yourself projects here at the Cheer Makeup Blog. How exciting to make a pair of Glitz and Glitter Flip Flops in less than 20 minutes. A do it yourself project on a budget is our goal. We decided our Old Navy Flip Flops we bought for 2 for 5$ needed some bling. Since we love to wear flip flops for as long as possible we needed to find a way to make them dressy for a more formal occasion. Wearing flip flops to a formal event is usually not an option but with a little glitter anything goes!

First, choose your favorite color flip flop. Mine is pink! Go figure!



There are not many items you will need to complete this project.  We used Elmers Glue (an acrylic glue has not staying power), a paint brush, magenta glitter and a jar to mix the glue and glitter.

Mix the glue and glitter in a small bowl.

Brush the mixture onto the strap of the flip flop and then apply the glitter.

Let the glue and glitter dry for a few hours.

GLITTER FLIP FLOPS!  Wear them with your favorite skirt or dress for a formal look or just wear them everyday if you love glitter!  Enjoy!

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